Pivovar Matuška
STYLE Bavarian Weizenbock
COLOUR Honey with yeast haze
AROMA Fruit cake
TASTE Delicate malts, fruit with hints of clove
HOPS Saaz, Premiant (CZ)
MALTS Czech Pilsen, Wheat, Carapils
NOTES A stronger version of a weizen, with roasted malt that give it a honey colour and a maltier character. Literally, liquid bread.
This beer is also a taste of history. Weizenbocks were brewed in the Middle-Ages at monasteries and were the only source of energy that monks were allowed to get during Lent. Fortunately, we don't need to wait until Lent and we can brew Weizenbock when and however we want it.


Pivovar Matuška | U Radnice 115, 267 42 Broumy
phone: 606 623 787, 723 983 594 | info@pivovarmatuska.cz