Pivovar Matuška
STYLE Pale ale
AROMA Passion fruit, citrus, hints of tropical fruit
TASTE Full bodied malts, complex with intense bitterness
HOPS Apollo (US), Galaxy (Australia), Citra (US)
MALTS Czech Pilsen, Bavarian, Carapils
AVAILABILITY Spring and summer
NOTES Though it's based on an English Pale Ale, we tried to create a summer beer that would combine the intense aroma of Zlatá Raketa and the drinkability of California, while keeping a full-body, ideal for warm summer evenings.
We use Galaxy, a hop cultivar charged by the Australian sun, that, together with Citra, give the beer its intense aroma of tropical fruit. For bitterness we used the Apollo. With 17.7% alpha acids, it's the strongest kind of hop that we've so far used in our brewery.


Pivovar Matuška | U Radnice 115, 267 42 Broumy
phone: 606 623 787, 723 983 594 | info@pivovarmatuska.cz